Emergency Numbers

On your first day

At your arrival day you can access the accommodation from 16:00.

Please send us a WhatsApp message on +34 638 783 116 when you have all your luggage and leave Palma airport, then we know that you are on your way.

We always aim to check in clients as soon as possible, once housekeeping has prepared the property. Once the property is ready for you, we will get in touch with you in order to confirm the procedure of the early check in.
We will either await you at the property for the check in or confirm where the key is deposited. In this case we would come later that day to an agreed time for the official check in and to answer any questions you may have.

There is no problem in a late arrival. We will either await you at the property for the check in or deposit the key for you in a key box at the property.
In this case we would come the next day to an agreed time for the official check in and to answer any questions you may have.

On your last day

On your last day of your holiday the property must be vacated by 10:00. This is to give the property owner and maids sufficient time to ensure the property is clean and thoroughly prepared for the next guests.

Please check the whole property for personal belongings. Ensure that you have all your passports and flight tickets.
Turn off all the lights and heating/air-conditioning units and throw away the garbage.
Furthermore please ensure that any breakages have been reported.
Also please check that all the windows and doors are closed/locked and that you deposit the key in the key box.

We always aim to check in clients as soon as possible, once housekeeping has prepared the property. Once the property is ready for you, we will get in touch with you in order to confirm the procedure of the early check in.
We will either await you at the property for the check in or confirm where the key is deposited. In this case we would come later that day to an agreed time for the official check in and to answer any questions you may have.

There is no problem in a late arrival. We will either await you at the property for the check in or deposit the key for you in a key box at the property.
In this case we would come the next day to an agreed time for the official check in and to answer any questions you may have.

General Information

If you use the air-conditioning units please ensure that all the windows and doors are closed in order for it to work effectively. Some units have sensors on them that stop working if a window or door is open.
Furthermore the air conditioning units easily break and start leaking due to over working when used while doors/windows are open.
Please never leave the air-conditioning units on when you go out of the property.

Please use the electrical appliances (air-conditioning, light, etc.) responsible as electricity is extremely expensive here on the island. Please don’t use too many appliances to the same time, in order to not overload the system and cause power cut.
We reserve the right to charge an additional cost for excessive use of electricity.
Remember that it is dangerous to use any electrical appliances near the water, with wet hands, whilst wearing a wet bathing costume or towel or with bare feet on a wet floor.
Please use the plug sockets in the bathrooms with care.
If any appliances appears to be faulty, do not use is any further and report it to us immediately.
Finally, please note that the plug sockets may be different than in your own country. In that case all brought appliances require an adapter. Please do not try to force plugs into sockets if they don’t fit.

The hot water is always to the left. You may need to leave the water running for a while before the water comes out hot. This is quite normal as the plumbing systems are different than in other parts of Europe.
Furthermore the tap water on this island has a higher mineral content. Although it is usually fine to cook with and to clean the teeth, we would like to advise you not to drink the water from the tap as it could possibly cause an upset stomach. We would recommend you to buy bottled water for drinking.
We would like to ask you to be responsible with the water use. Although local water resources are usually sufficient, it is always limited, especially after a dry seasons.

Please ensure that you rinse your plates before putting them in the dishwasher in order to not block the filters.
If the dishwasher is not working properly this may be due to the lack of salt. Usually the housekeeping checks up on this, however if you see the light on please contact us so we can refill it.

Ants move very quickly in hot climates and are abundant in rural areas. As soon as food is out in the kitchen ants can quickly become difficult to control and it takes time for their presence to be eradicated. Please do not leave food out or crumbs on the worktops. Wipe surfaces down to remove any sticky marks from sweet drinks. Also ensure that you remove rubbish regularly. If you should experience problems with ants, a household insect spray is available in all supermarkets and will be sufficient to keep them under control.
Also other insects as mosquitoes are really common in Mallorca. In case there are too many mosquitoes, you can buy plugs with liquid cans, which’s smell helps to keep them away. These can be bought in all supermarkets.

The pool has an automatic filtration system. The owner or pool cleaning will check the pool regularly to ensure that it is kept in good condition. The pool-pump area housing the filtration equipment is only accessible by the owner or the pool service. Do NEVER touch any of the equipment.
The pool lights are controlled in some properties automatically and in others manually. If it is controlled manually, we would like to ask you to turn them off if not needed as the light attracts insects which could block the pool filter.
The pool net is for you to use to remove insects or leaves that fall into the pool on daily bases.
Please take out any lilo’s, balls and floats at night so they don’t block the filter.
Please avoid drinking glasses and plates beside the pool as they have tendency to break, leaving glass splinters which may easily cause accidents.
Familiarise yourself with the depths of the deep and swallow ends, especially when the pool is used by children or non-swimmers. Please keep children and infants under constant supervision.
Do not use the pool if the water is cloudy and you can’t see its bottom. Please contact us and we will take care of it as fast as possible.

Pool and garden maintenance can’t always be carried out on changeover days. Therefore we ask you for cooperation when our pool and garden maintenance stuff visit the property.

Please ensure that the parasols are closed before you retire for the evening or leave the property. If there are strong winds remember to put them down to avoid breaking/damaging them.
Any cushions on the terrace need to be taken inside in the evening if there are strong winds or rain storms.
We ask you to only use the garden furniture outside and not take any furniture from the inside to the terrace or garden area where sun and water can do a lot of damage to it.
Please also don’t take any pillows, cushions or blankets from the inside to the pool or lawn in order to avoid damaging them.
Please never try to move any glass or marble tables. The glass or marble tops of these tables are often not secured to the base and the marble tables are extremely heavy.
For safety reasons please do not allow your children to sit on top of these tables.

We would like to ask you not to move any furniture (e.g. tables, beds, mirrors, …) around in the property/to different rooms in order to avoid any damages.
The property must be left in the same conditions and order as it was upon arrival.

In case of any breakages or losses of inventory we kindly ask you to directly report these damages or losses so we can act accordingly and possibly repair or replace inventory.
As you can appreciate it is not fair on new clients arriving after yourself to not have a certain item of equipment or furniture.
All of our properties are subject to a damages or losses of inventory deposit.
Please check your booking contract for further information regarding the damage deposit.

For the use of the keybox open the shutter, scroll the wheels with the numbers until the numbers in the center line coincide with the provided code and push down the lever. Please always remember to mix up the numbers for security reasons as well as close the shutter in order to protect it from rain, sand, etc. after every use.

We ask you to maintain the security of the property at all times! Make sure all the windows, shutters, doors and gates are closed and locked correctly when you go out and at night time, as well as mix up the code from the keybox.

Please always look out if there are any signs on the site of the road that gives you any information if you are allowed to park on the side of the street or if you may have to pay. However usually there are lines on the street that lets you know the parking situation.
If there is a white line you can park free of charges.
If there is a blue line it means that you need to pay to park. Please look out for the next parking ticket machine to get a parking ticket and display it visible at the dashboard of your car as otherwise you will have to pay a fine.
If there is a yellow line on the site of the road it means that it is not allowed to park there. The yellow line is usually on busy or tight roads or in front of driveways, zebra crossing, at corners, etc. It is not allowed to park there under any circumstances. If you do so you will have to pay a fine.

Power Failure

In the case of the power failure please check the fuse box. All switches should be in the upright position.

If any switch is down please switch it back up and check if the power is now working.
If this doesn’t work please unplug any items that you may have been using at the time the power went off (e.g. kettle, hairdryer, toaster, air conditioning, etc.). Go back to the fuse box and try again to switch all switches back up.

If the power is still not working please look for the main switch. You will notice that most fuse boxes have a line of switches with one of the switches being slightly larger, different colored or slightly apart from the others. This switch has sometimes written “differential” underneath it.
Put all the switches in the fuse box on the down position. Put the “differential” switch up first. After that put up all other switches one by one with a couple of seconds of break between each one.
Eventually one of them will cause the “differential” switch to go off again. Leave the switch that caused this down this time and continue putting up all other switches. If you have managed to isolate the circuit with the problem, check to see if it has a code or a name to it which will indicate what is plugged into that circuit causing the problem.

If there is no switch down in the fuse box just knock all switches into down position and then put them back up one by one to see if this works.

If nothing has worked it is possible that the power failure is general to the area which frequently occurs in Mallorca. It may also be due to a problem or construction work by the electricity provider. Please wait for a while to see if the power comes back on.

Ring us for assistance if needed or send us an emergency message.

Waste Disposal

Spain has a recycling system that’s easy to use and available to everybody.
There are bins situated on country lanes and along the site of the main roads. Please ensure that you dispose your rubbish regularly, especially the bags with food inside. Please don’t leave any food (or its wrapping) around in the property, as this will quickly attract ants.

The green bins are for general rubbish

The brown bins are for organic rubbish

The yellow tins bins are for tetra-brik cartons and plastic (bags, bottles, etc.).

The blue tin bins are for paper and cardboard (but not cardboard tetra-brik containers): These bins might be all blue or gray with a strip of blue and they usually say “solo papel y carton plegado” (only paper and folded cardboard).

Glass containers (remember no windows, etc.) often feature a curious drawing of a smiling bottle gathering together a variety of smaller bottles and accompanied by the words “vidrio si, gracias” (glass yes, thank you). Sometimes these round bins may have commissioned artwork covering the entire surface.

at the beach

The beaches in Mallorca have a flag system to inform swimmers and visitors of the safety of swimming in the sea. These beach flags can be changed during the day and can be different throughout the length of the beach.
Swimming and playing in the sea can be great fun and also be a refreshing alternative to swimming in a pool. However it is wise to remember that you cannot control the sea and its currents. The flag warning signals should always be followed.

This signifies that the sea is calm in this area. Therefore swimming is safe and can take place with no undue risk. However please keep children always under adult supervision.

This signifies that the sea is turbulent. Swimming is allowed under precaution and only until your waist depth. The use of lilos is forbidden. Children should not go in the sea without an adult.

The orange flag indicates that the lifeguard is absent.

This signifies that the sea is rough, that there may be underlying currents or other dangers (i.e. jellyfish). You should not swim under any circumstances. If you ignore the warning you are not only risking your own life, but also the life of someone else, should you need to be saved.

  • Use plenty of sunscreen and drink lots of water.
  • Keep the water and beach clean. Do not litter, shower before swimming.
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • Never swim after drinking alcoholic beverages, eating or taking medication.
  • Stay out of the water when you are very tired, very cold or overheated.
  • Do not use any electronical devices, glass and sharp objects in or near the water.
  • Swim well away from piers, pilings and diving platforms.
  • Be on the lookout for dangerous marine life.
  • Maintain a safe distance to the shore. If you are caught in a current, don’t try to fight it or swim against it. Stay calm, you can make it back to shore by swimming gradually and horizontally away from it.
  • Don’t let anyone pressure you into swimming or a dangerous stunt.
  • If in trouble, draw attention to yourself by calling or waving for help (“ayuda”).
  • Swim near a lifeguard and accompanied by another person if possible.
  • Check for and obey warning flags and danger signs.