Alcudia Beach


Alcudia is one of the most interesting and picturesque villages of northern Mallorca. Discover our selection of the best spots and beaches in Alcudia and start preparing your suitcase because you’ll want to visit

Port d’Alcudia is located on the north coast of Mallorca, approx. 60 km from Palma de Mallorca. The drive from the airport is mostly on the motorway and usually takes less than an hour by car.

Port d’Alcudia beach in general.
The Alcudia bay has a fantastic sand beach! The beach is 10 km long and goes all the way from Ca’n Picafort in the south to Port d’Alcudia in the north.

The beach is widest at Port d’Alcudia, up to 100 metres wide. The sand is golden and fine-grained, and the very shallow water is usually completely calm. It is lovely to splash around in – also for very small kids.


There are many sections where it is possible to rent sun lounges and sunshades, but there is also plenty of room for those, who prefer to lie on their towels. The facilities also include showers and toilets.

Behind the beach, there is a sea front with hotels, restaurants, shops, etc. Here you can buy everything from food and drinks to beach balls and rubber boats.

By the harbour in Port d’Alcudia, there is a large playground. If you come by car, it is possible to park in the streets behind the beach.

It doesn’t get better than this. The beach in Alcudia has lovely, fine-grained sand an very shallow water. There are rarely any waves.

Water sports
In several places along the beach, you will find all kinds of water sports such as parasailing, water skis, jet skis, water bikes etc.


Beach restaurants
There are many restaurants, cafés and bars at the beach in Alcudia. At the beach itself, there are several beach cafés, and there are many more along the sea front and in the streets behind.

Port d’Alcudia is the largest and most popular holiday resort in Mallorca, especially among families with young children. Here they will find all kinds of shops, activities, playgrounds and, not least, the most child-friendly beach in Mallorca.

There is a large number of restaurants in Port d’Alcudia and many of them serve international dishes, but there are also Italian, Chinese, Indian and more traditional Spanish restaurants. Several of the best restaurants are located near the harbour.

In the outskirts of the town, you will find the large Hidropark Alcudia water park. A little further into the country, you will findAlcudia old town, which is one of the greatest tourist attractions in Mallorca.



Right opposite the island of Ille de Alcanada lies the pebble beach Alcanada, and right behind that lies a golf course. Holidaymakers can enjoy a beautiful view of the island and its lighthouse from the shore, or even swim there across the 1.5-metre-deep lagoon. The beach consists of various materials, but gravel makes up the majority of its surface

S´illot Beach

Between Formentor and Bahía de Pollensa we find this small peblle beach with crystalline waters that has remained intact and retreat from busy tourist beaches


The main attraction of Playa S’Illot is that it remains virtually untouched, with no buildings or facilities along its coast; and also, from its coast can be seen a beautiful islet that gives its name to the beach and protects it from the winds of the Tramontana. Especially recommended for those seeking tranquility and lovers of remote and wild beaches, away from the big crowded ones. This area has a rocky seabed and abundant seagrass meadows. This causes that its waters be especially crystalline, making it a perfect beach for scuba diving or snorkeling as well for canoeing.

The beach consists of round stones and rocks, so it is advisable to wear sandals or beach shoes suitable for not suffering too much when entering the water, as may appear sea urchins.
Near the beach, there is an area of picnic tables, so if you go well prepared, you can spend a fantastic day at the beach there.


Getting to S’Illot beach

If you go from Alcudia, take the Camí del Mal Pas road for about 2 kilometers until reaching Puerto Deportivo del Cocodrilo or Marina de Bonaire. Once there, turn right and continue for about 2 km more to the Camí Vell de la Victoria until getting to the parking area that we find on both sides of the road.

Information about S’Illot beach:

Type of beach

Lenght: 130m


Type of Sand:Pebbles and sand

Acces:Easy acces

More information

Situación. 5 km from Alcudia

Playa de Muro Beach

Playa de Muro has a family friendly and quiet atmosphere. Its waters are calm, clear and shallow; it is the typical beach where you walk meters and meters to the bottom, making it the perfect beach to go with young children.


The beach is so long that it has several urbanized sections, with apartment complexes, a large number of restaurants, hotels and all kind of facilities to spend a fantastic day at the beach, but a large part of the beach called Es Comú de Muro is located within the Parque Natural de S’Albufera, so it is a totally protected, wild and unspoiled area. It is an ideal spot for enjoy long walks by the sea feeling you are in a postcard-like beach.


The tourist area offers sunbeds and deck chairs, lifeguard service, showers, toilets, eight walkways for the disabled, leisure activities and fun water sports such as pedal rental, parasailing, inflatable banana floating platforms games for children, etc. Playa de Muro is awarded every year with Blue Flag of the European Union that guarantees its optimum environmental conditions and facility levels.


Information about Playa de Muro:

Type of beach

Lenght: 5.5 km lenght.


Type of sand:Fine and white sand

Servicios: In the residential areas the beach offers bars, restaurantes, sunbeds and parasols to rent

More information

Situación. Alcudia Bay between Can Picafort and Alcudia beach

Can Picafort

The long, sandy beach of Can Picafort stretches along almost the entirety of the eponymous town. On the beach esplanade lie bars and restaurants, while the beach offers parasols and sun-loungers, as well as public showers and toilets. The eastern part of the beach lies right on the doorstep of a hotel, while the western part is somewhat quieter, with a beautiful dune landscape in the background.

Our Secret Beaches

We like to tell you as as secret where the mallorkan people go to the beach. They are our secret spots.

Have a look to the paradise beach we have in Mallorca.

Caló de Moro

Caló des Moro and Salmunia is one of Mallorca’s best kept secrets, which everyone knows. For a long time, this small stretch of fine sand and translucent turquoise waters, is located in Santanyi.

Cala Deia

Cala Deià is a beautiful and small rocky beach a little bit away from the popular mountain town of Deià, in the heart of the Serra de Tramuntana, in the northwest of Mallorca. The beach is only 70 meters long.

Enjoy the transparent blue-green waters, the majestic mountainous surroundings, the stone houses and the good food.

We also recommend visiting the picturesque town of Deia and the Ca es Patro Restaurant.

Coll Baix Beach

The Coll Baix beach is a virgin beach located 8km from Alcúdia, framed by beautiful cliffs. The beach is only 220 meters long and 50 meters wide and can only be accessed by boat or after a walk along a cobbled path.

Colonia Sant Pere

The promenade of the Colonia de Sant Pere village leads along the eponymous beach. There are also cafes, shops, and restaurants there. The beach here is protected by breakwaters to stop the waves from eroding the coast, and sand is often heaped up here as well. Depending on when this last happened, you can find a sandy or a gravel beach here. There is also a small marina nearby.

Son Serra

This beautiful long beach spreads between the towns of Colonia de Sant Pere and Son Serra de Marina. Behind the beach lie dune fields, covered in grass. Part of the beach is protected by a lifeguard, but there are also unsupervised sections. Nudism enthusiasts can enjoy undressing in the sun on the eastern section of the beach.

Torrent Des Revellar

Near the town of Son Serra de Marina, the Torrent des Revellar flows into the sea. You can also find a white, sandy beach here, covered with shrubs. The estuary is located about 500 metres from the village. There are no amenities here, but the nature is unspoilt and pristine. Sturdy shoes are recommended for the steep descent, but the journey is worth it for the 2 km beach with gorgeous clear water. You can also reach the beach by boat.

Morer Vermell

The settlement of Manresa is home to this peaceful beach, which is undeveloped except for the two hotel complexes located there. There is nothing in terms of amenities, but this means that visitors can enjoy a beautiful view of the mountains behind, and you will always find an empty spot to enjoy the sun.

Can Cap de Bou

This long, narrow beach is a popular destination for watersports. There is a surfing school, and paragliders and waterskiers also love to visit the beach. The front part of the beach offers sun-loungers and parasols. Besides that, there are no amenities here, but there is a magnificent view of the bay of Badia de Pollenca. Finally, the well-travelled road between Port de Pollenca and Alcudia leads right along the beach.

Ses Caletes

This small patch of beach is located on a beautiful headland which is covered with green and is almost uninhabited. The opposite northernmost cape of Mallorca offers here a magnificent spectacle. A bumpy coastal road leads in the proximity of the seashore, so one has to walk the last stretch.

Cala Clara

Cala Clara is one of four beaches that are called Cala Sant Vicenc in total. It is skirted by large hotels, so you can find the beach on your doorstep. There are no amenities on offer here, in contrast to the neighbouring Cala Barques. However, it is somewhat quieter too.The view from the beach onto the clear, blue water and the grassy coast will certainly enhance your holiday feeling. Or, if you wish, you can go snorkelling along the rocks.

Port de Pollença

The beautiful white sandy beach in Port de Pollença is bordered to the north by the Passeig Vora Mar, a promenade lined with palm trees. The infrastructure is somewhat better in the southern part, however. The location has also managed to retain a peaceful charm in spite of the harbour, restaurants, bars, and various watersports activities. A long jetty leads out into the sea, and visitors can enjoy an exceptional panorama of the bay and mountains from there.

Sa Calobra

There is a small beach within the village of Sa Calobra. This cove is superbly situated between high cliffs. Excursion boats stop at the harbour, but the beach itself has no amenities to offer. However, in the immediate vicinity of the beach lie many bars and restaurants. There is also a track that starts here, leading to the beautiful natural bay of Torrent de Pareis.

Cala Tuent

The beach Cala Tuent offers gorgeous clear water, and is located in a cove with beautiful mountain scenery, surrounded by pine forests. The beach itself has no amenities whatsoever, but the Es Vergeret restaurant is located just a few hundred metres from the beach, and offers attractive views of the area, as well as delicious local cuisine. Swimmers should be careful here, as there may be strong currents outside of the marked areas. The beach is easy to reach by car, and visitors can also choose to walk through the beautiful countryside from here to the Mirador de ses Barques, above Soller harbour.

Cala Deia

At the foot of the artist villas Deia lies the tiny cove of Cala Deia. The beautiful setting is surrounded by rocky slopes, covered with forest. The semi-circular pebble beach is also home to a torrent. There is a restaurant on the beach too, whose rice and fish dishes are highly recommended. Besides that, there are no other amenities. The car park is usually crowded, so park a little further away and walk to the beach.

Sa Foradada

To get to the beautiful viewing point of Sa Fordada, you have to first hike along a rocky trail through rugged coastal scenery. Starting at the Son Marroig mansion, the walk will take about an hour. You will be rewarded for your efforts with a fantastic view of the open sea and strange rock formations, including a cliff with an 18-metre-diameter hole in the middle. There is also a small bar, and you can swim in the crescent-shaped bay.

Port de Valldemossa

The picturesque village of Port de Valldemossa contains the beach of the same name. There are two ways to get to the cool water here: either over the concrete ramp from which boats are launched, or across the pebble beach itself. Between these two spots lies a small restaurant with parking. To get there, you need to drive through the mountains on a rather adventurous road, but the scenery alone is worth it.

Port de Canonge

The tiny pebble beach of Port de Canonge is situated at the foot of the picturesque eponymous village. The rear part of the beach contains boathouses of local fishermen, but there are no amenities for tourists here besides a few restaurants in the village. On the left-hand-side of the beach, somewhat elevated, is a viewing platform which offers a wonderful panorama of the sea and the coast. This is also the starting point of a beautiful hiking trail to Banyalbufar.

Cala Banyalbufar

The wonderful, secluded beach Cala Font Celada can only be reached by a ramble about four kilometres long. On the way, there is a fantastic panorama of the sea and the barren, hilly countryside. As there are hardly any shadows, one should carry enough drinks and wear a hat. When bathing, one notices the somewhat cooler water, because of the fresh water sources near the seaside. The bay is the mouth of the Torrent of Castellot, which, however, occurs only after quite heavy rainfall. Otherwise, there is a small brackish pond at the end of the beach.

Cala Font Celada

The tiny pebble beach of Port de Canonge is situated at the foot of the picturesque eponymous village. The rear part of the beach contains boathouses of local fishermen, but there are no amenities for tourists here besides a few restaurants in the village. On the left-hand-side of the beach, somewhat elevated, is a viewing platform which offers a wonderful panorama of the sea and the coast. This is also the starting point of a beautiful hiking trail to Banyalbufar.

Cala Matzoc

Cala Matzoc can only be reached with an off-road vehicle or on-foot. The coastal path leading to the beach is about 1.5 kilometres long, and the beach itself lies in the middle of hills, forests, and dunes. Enjoy peace and quiet here, far from the tourist hustle and bustle. The alluring landscape that surrounds the beach is particularly inviting for hiking, but you should be careful when swimming due to the currents that occur during windy weather.

Cala Mezquida

In the midst of a beautiful dune landscape lies the beach of Cala Mesquida. Ideal for swimming in the shallow water, it is especially fun when high waves roll into the bay on windy days. The beach is watched by a lifeguard, and there is also a bar that offers food. In terms of other facilities, showers, toilets, a Red Cross station, parasol rental, and sun-loungers round off the options. Visitors can also practise watersports or nudism on the beach, or go birdwatching in the surrounding dunes and hills, including at one of the largest gull and cormorant colonies in the Balearic Islands. Hence, the bay is under conservation.

Cala Ratjada

Cala Ratjada bay offers two separate, beautiful sandy beaches to visit. At the start of the headland, take a left in front of the large, grey hotel. Here lies the Platja de son Moll beach. Cala Ratjada is also home to the small sandy cove of Cala Gat, which is located on the right-hand-side of the harbour. If you walk along the esplanade in the direction of the lighthouse you can reach the beautiful small bay of Cala Gat in just a few minutes. There are no amenities here except for a beach bar, which offers tasty snacks and parasol and sun-lounger rental. The untouched cove is surrounded by cliffs and lined by a pine forest and, besides a singular house, has nothing in terms of urban development. The fantastic location means that the beach can occasionally be crowded. Finally, it is worth taking a short walk along the waterfront to the lighthouse at the end of the cape.

Playa N´alarden

The sandy beach of Cala Bona is located in the tourist town of the same name. Along the palm-skirted esplanade lie restaurants, shops, bars, and hotels, so the beach is just a stone’s throw away from extensive amenities. You can also rent parasols and sun-loungers there, and the breakwaters ensure that the waves are not too strong. Boulders create three basins for swimming, and it is also comfortable to lie on these rocks if you do not wish to jump in. The gentle slope of the beach into the sea makes the beach ideal for families as well.

Cala Bona

The small yet pretty beach N’Aladern is lined by pines and a few smaller private houses. If the neighbouring beach of Font de sa Cala is too crowded, this is the ideal spot to come for a quiet break, just one kilometre away. There are no facilities on this sandy beach, but you do have a beautiful view of the rocky coast opposite. To get to the beach, either come by bus (there is a bus stop 500 metres away), or park at the end of a cul-de-sac, around 200 metres away.

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